How to Upload Secondary Email Addresses

With employee lifecycle surveys, such as exit surveys, we understand that administrators need to be able to send a survey to both an employee's company and personal email address to increase the likelihood of that employee completing the survey.

Administers can include a secondary employee email address in CultureIQ by uploading an employee file with two email addresses per employee. Once the survey has been deployed the employee will receive the email invitation to complete the survey in both their company and personal inbox.

If interested in utilizing secondary email address, please contact your CultureIQ Program Manager to enable secondary email address for your account.

In this article, we will talk about how to:

Upload your Employee File with Secondary Email Addresses

Step 1: Once you have created your employee file that includes an additional column with email addresses, click on the 'Employees' tab to upload it.


First time uploading an employee file? It's been awhile since I've uploaded an employee file?
Click here to view our tutorial on how to upload your employee file.

Step 2: Select the "Upload New List" button

The uploaded spreadsheet will overwrite the existing list in the system. If you do not have any employees in your account or there have been many changes to the employee file list, use upload new list.


Step 3: Upload your employee file

You can drag and drop your employee file or use 'Browse' to find your employee file on your computer.


Step 4: Begin the import wizard & select your primary email address

After selecting the unique identifier, you will be prompted to select your email address. We recommend selecting the company email addresses in this instance.


Step 5: Select your secondary email address

Now, let's select the column of email addresses you would like to use as your secondary email addresses. We recommend selecting the personal email addresses in this instance. 


Note: For the secondary email address column, not all employees need secondary email addresses; as we understand you may not have a secondary email address for everyone.

Step 6: Complete the import wizard by building the hierarchy and adding demographic groups. 

Distribute a Survey to Secondary Email Addresses

Step 1: Author a Survey

Navigate to the 'Surveys' tab and select 'Create Survey'.


Step 2: Apply your settings, craft your questions & schedule your survey

First time authoring a survey? It's been awhile since I've distributed a survey?
Click here to view our tutorial on how to author a survey.

Step 3: Select your recipients

In order to send to a primary and secondary email address, you will need to select "All Recipients" or "Select Groups". By default, the survey invitations will send to both the primary and secondary email addresses. 


Step 4: Configure your survey and confirm

Finalize configuring your survey invitations and confirm the survey. Once your survey launches, the survey takers will receive the survey invitation to their primary and secondary email addresses.

Note: The employee can only complete the survey once. For example, if I am an employee and I receive the invitation to both my company email inbox and my personal email box. If I complete the survey using the invitation I received to my company email inbox, and then I go to complete the survey from my personal email inbox, I will receive a message that I've already completed the survey.


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