August 2019 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce key new product enhancements available as of August 23rd, 2019. The key product enhancements you can take advantage of with this release are listed below:

PowerPoint Enhancement - Breakout Categories

Previous to this release, when generating PowerPoint reports, report viewers were only able to select up to two demographic categories to view groups within a score-grid style heat map and response rate break-outs. Users will now be able to create more than two breakout categories that will enable additional slides for each additional demographic category added.

Hierarchy Picker Question Type 

When organizations choose for employees to provide feedback using an anonymous open-link survey, one of the biggest challenges is accurately capturing their location within the organizational hierarchy to enable meaningful downstream reporting.  CultureIQ now offers a question type that will allow the survey taker to select their manager or node in the hierarchy so their responses can be more easily aggregated into the correct group for reporting. Please speak with your primary point of contact at CultureIQ if you are interested in this new question type.

Custom Definitions Page

Often times there is additional information that may be beneficial for employees to reference during the survey taking experience. This may be a list of definitions, additional instructions, or anything else relevant for the survey taker to know. CultureIQ now offers the ability to include those pages in a way that can be easily referenced. Additionally, when employees take the survey in another language, they will be directed to a page that corresponds to that same language. If you would like to utilize this custom page for your next survey, please reach out to your primary point of contact at CultureIQ. 

Significance Shading on the Score Grid

The CultureIQ Score Grid allows organizations to highlight data across demographic categories to identify possible areas of strength and weakness. Organizations can take actionable steps using this information to improve their organization. CultureIQ has added the ability for the shading to appear only when the differences are statistically significant. The ability to shade based on standard deviation, or hard coded thresholds are still available, along with the ability to choose the shading colors. If you have questions about how statistical significance is calculated and why it may be right for your organization, please reach out to your primary point of contact at CultureIQ. 


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