How to Configure Action Planning

To realize the full benefits of your survey, use your survey results to inform a set of post-survey initiatives, which will not only address opportunity areas identified in your survey but also align your initiatives with your overarching business strategy and goals. Different organizations will have different priorities coming out of their survey. There is no one-size-fits-all process or timeline for action planning. The individual steps taken may vary by organization. This article will explain how to set-up action planning for your organization.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Action Plan' tab on the main navigation bar.


Step 2: Click the '+ Create Action Plan' button to initiate the Action Planning process.

Step 3: Configure your organization's action planning by providing the following information:

  •  Title - a descriptive title for the Action Plan so it is easy to identify
  • Description - more details about why the Action Plan is being created
  • Impact - the impact that this action plan will have on the organization
  • Baseline Survey - the survey that this action plan is based on


Step 4: Add Dimensions, Custom Actions, and/or Questions to your 'Opportunities' and 'Strengths.'

  • Dimensions - Select the dimensions for Opportunities/Strengths that best correlate with the results from the baseline survey selected in Step 3. For example, if your organization scored low in Agility in the baseline survey, then select Agility as an opportunity. 
  • Questions  - Select questions for Opportunities/Strengths based on the results from the baseline survey selected in Step 3. Questions that score high in the baseline survey can be considered Strengths. Questions that score low in the baseline survey can be considered Opportunities.
  • Custom Actions - Create custom actions if you want to add additional content that was not included in your Dimensions or Questions, but is relevant to your particular Action Plan.


Step 5: Add Action Steps to each of your Opportunities and Strengths.

By clicking the down error next to your selected Opportunity/Strength, you will see two buttons: 

  • Add Action - The 'Add Action' button allows users to add a custom action to a Strength/Opportunity.
  • Browse Suggestions - The 'Browse Suggestions' button will prompt users with suggested actions based on the Strength/Opportunity. For example, a suggested action for Agility may be: "Make an agenda and set goals for what you want to accomplish during your time together. Be specific and realistic (in terms of time and budget)." A user can add an action by clicking the '+' button next to the suggested action. 

Step 6: Add Resources.

Resources can be provided to partners of the Action Plan and can include articles, case studies, etc. Add resources by inputting the resource and clicking the 'Save Resource' button. 


Step 7: Complete your Action Plan.

Complete your Action Plan by clicking the 'Finish and Exit' button. You will also have the option to check a box that will make this action plan visible to all managers within your organization who have access to action planning on the CultureIQ platform. Leave the box unchecked to leave it visible to only you and your partners.


Additional Features

  • Comments - Add comments on an Action Plan to provide updates and make announcements.
  • Select Status - Update the status of your Action Plan as you progress. Options include: Not Started, In Progress, and Completed.


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