July 2019 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce key new product enhancements available as of July 18th, 2019. The key product enhancements you can take advantage of with this release are listed below, with additional details on how to use the functionality in linked articles:

Text Analytics Enhancements

Organizations utilizing CultureIQ's text analytics tool now have more functionality with this release. Text Analytics permissions are now included when setting up roles. In addition, organizations can now view text analytics across a series of combined surveys for further analysis to view trends!

How to Configure Text Analytics Permissions 

Response Rates Export/Other Export Enhancements

CultureIQ has been focused on improving the customer export experience! With this release, the response rates export will see major upgrades. The exports will include additional hierarchy information for respondent count, recipient count, and response rate.

In addition, CultureIQ has segmented current exports, so that users can grab more customized data. The score grid export will now only export the score grid and the questions export will only export questions.

Select Default Survey Language

CultureIQ survey distributors can now set a default survey language the survey takers will receive their survey invitation, landing page, survey and reminders in when configuring their survey.

Set Your Survey Default Language

Updated Employees Tab

CultureIQ Admins will see an updated user interface within the employees tab. This design was crafted to simplify the customer’s experience to allow them to easily add, search and edit employees within various directories.

We’ve also made it easier to identify invalid employees by migrating the invalid employees tab to display directly within your directory.

Upload Your Employee File

Remove An Employee From Your Employee List

Unique Employee Identifier

When an employee file is uploaded to the system, employees will now have a unique employee identifier to clearly find specific employees in your organization.

Roles Search

Employees can now be searched by their specific role in an organization. The purpose of this feature is to make it easy for CultureIQ Admin and Managers to locate information on employees more easily. 


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