June 2019 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce key new product enhancements available as of June 19th, 2019. The key product enhancements you can take advantage of with this release are listed below, with additional details on how to use the functionality in linked articles.


Hierarchy Editing Enhancements

The Hierarchy Editor has been enhanced to allow multiple users and ensure hierarchy integrity.  If multiple users are editing the hierarchy and an edit (add/delete/move) has been made, the other users will be notified that their hierarchy is out of date and that they must refresh in order to proceed with any further edits.

Hierarchy Direct Reports Filtering

Hierarchies now include a filter option in results that allows users to see only the results for a leader’s direct team as well as their entire organization that reports up to them. 

Not Applicable & Skipped included in Survey Results and Exports

Users will now be able to view the total number of survey respondents who selected 'Not Applicable' or 'Skipped' in both the survey results and exports. Providing this information will give organizations better insights on how survey respondents are choosing to respond to questions.

Score Grid Optimization

In preparation for upcoming export enhancements, CultureIQ has focused on optimizing the score grid to extend exporting functionality. The optimized score grid will provide more flexibility to build other exports and will serve as the foundation for upcoming export features that will be released in the upcoming months.




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