Configuring Score Grid 'Threshold' Shading

Admins can now choose to apply 'Threshold' shading to their Score Grid.  Threshold Shading allows the admin to set ranges for 'Positive', 'Neutral', and 'Negative' survey response scores and then displays the Score Grid colors based on those ranges.

To configure Threshold Shading follow the steps below:

1.  Navigate to the 'Score Grid' Settings Tab

Click the down-arrow next to your username at the top right of the screen, then click the 'Settings' menu option.  On the Settings page, click on the 'Score Grid' tab.

2.  Select Your Colors

Click the small colored circles next to the 'Negative', 'Neutral', and 'Positive' text to change the color that will be displayed for each of the sentiments.

3.  Set Your Threshold Ranges

In the 'Grid Type' dropdown box, select the "Absolute Threshold" option.  Set the threshold ranges for the Negative, Neutral, and Positive sentiments by clicking and dragging the small circles on the 'Grid Values' slider.

4.  Click the 'Save' button to save your settings

NOTE:  The Score Grid threshold settings are 'Global' and will be applied to all Users.

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