March 2019 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce key new product enhancements available as of March 21st, 2019. The key product enhancements you can take advantage of with this release are listed below, with additional details on how to use the functionality in linked articles.


PowerPoint Exports

Users can now generate and download print-optimized, presentation-ready PowerPoint Reports of their survey results.

Custom Score Grid Colors

Admins can now customize the colors that appear on the Score Grid tab of survey results.

Score Grid Threshold Shading

Admins can now choose to apply 'Threshold' shading to their Score Grid.  Threshold Shading allows the admin to set ranges for 'Positive', 'Neutral', and 'Negative' survey response scores and then displays the Score Grid colors based on those ranges.

Streamlined Manager Reporting

As Organizations continue to launch surveys, it can become difficult to focus on the most recent results.  We've added the ability to streamline a Manager's reporting experience, by giving them default access to their most recent survey results, with previous survey results automatically loaded as comparison data.

Role Permissions Enhancements

We've made it even easier to make sure your managers have access to relevant survey results data by introducing a few additional permissions and settings that can be assigned at the Role level.

Comment Permissions:  Access to survey comments can be turned on/off as well as set for specifically "Flagged" or "Tagged" comments.

Access To Multiple Hierarchy Groups
:  Managers can be given access to survey results for multiple hierarchy groups.

Default Comparisons
:  The default comparison data (Filters B,C,D) that a manager sees when viewing survey results can now be set.

Survey Builder Enhancements

  • Visual Indicator For Branched Questions: A visual indicator will now appear for "branched" questions making it easier to follow the survey's flow.




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