Create a PowerPoint Report of your Survey Results

To create and download a PowerPoint Report of your survey results, follow the steps below:

1.  Navigate to the 'Create PowerPoint' Tab

After browsing to the survey results screen of any survey, click the 'Reporting' tab.  On the Reporting tab, click on the 'Create PowerPoint' sub-tab.

2.  Select Filters and Comparisons

Add any data filters (Filter A) and/or comparisons (Filters B,C,D) you wish to include in the report by clicking the Filter Boxes directly above the tab.  NOTE:  Setting Filters and/or Comparisons is not required.  If none are set, your report will include simply include "All Data" without any comparisons

3.  Select Breakout Categories

Certain slides have the ability to show survey data broken out by demographic groups. 

For example, let's assume that you have permission to view survey response rate information.  Let's also assume your survey data contains demographic information such as 'Region' and 'Business Unit'.  If you select these as your breakout categories, your report will include slides showing response rates for each Region and Business Unit.

NOTE:  The Breakout Categories work in conjunction with the data filters (Filter A) set above.  For example, if you have your Filter A set to 'Region:  North America' and you select 'Country' as a breakout category, you will only see breakout data for countries in North America.

4.  Click the "Generate PowerPoint" button

Depending on the amount of data in your report, it may take a few seconds to generate the PowerPoint.  Once completed, it will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

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