Create Multiple Non-Manager Hierarchies

Organizations often want to define hierarchical structures outside of a "Manager" hierarchy, such as one based on Location, Business Unit, or even both.  This hierarchy can then be used as a filter when viewing survey results, and can also be used when assigning Manager access such as giving a Manager access to view results for a specific City and Business Unit within your hierarchy.

Create Your Hierarchies via the Employee File Uploader

To create your hierarchies start by uploading your Employee File with the demographics you want to use to build the hierarchy as columns in the file.  (e.g.  If you are creating a Location based hierarchy you'll want to make sure you have the corresponding demographic fields such as Region, Country, City, Function, etc.)

To upload your Employee File browse to the "Employees" tab and click the "Upload new list" button:


Once you've completed a few steps in the process such as identifying your Email, Name, and PIN columns, you'll come to a screen asking you to select the columns to include in the hierarchy starting with the highest level.  This is where you will define your hierarchy structure by clicking on the demographics that you want to include in your hierarchy.

Start by giving your hierarchy a name, then proceed to clicking the highest level (in the example below we're creating a hierarchy based on location, then Function, so the highest level would be "Region").  You'll see that the Region demographic will be updated to show a "1" indicating that it is the highest level in the hierarchy.  Continue by clicking the additional demographics you want to include in the order in which they should fall in the hierarchy structure (NOTE: Once a demographic is clicked you can click it again to deselect it).


Once you've defined your hierarchy you have a couple of options.  You can click the "Next" button to proceed through the Employee Uploader Wizard, or you can click the "Create Another" button to define additional non-manager hierarchies.

If you choose to create additional non-manager hierarchies you follow the same process as noted above where you will give your hierarchy a name and define the levels in your hierarchy by clicking the appropriate demographic categories.

After you've created additional non-manager hierarchies you can click the "View" button to view any hierarchies you've created previously in the process and delete them if necessary.

Once done, you can view your hierarchies by clicking the "Hierarchy" tab on the "Employees" page. (NOTE:  If you've created a Manager Hierarchy along with your Non-Manager hierarchies, the Manager Hierarchy will be shown in the Hierarchy Navigator by default.  You can view your Non-Manager Hierarchies by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "View" button next to whichever hierarchy you want to view.


You will now be able to view, browse, and edit your hierarchy.

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