Enable Not Applicable Question Option

When authoring a survey you may want to give the survey taker an option to "opt out" of a question if it does not apply to them. In order to add this flexibility into the survey, you can include a "Not Applicable" option for your question.

"Not Applicable" is available for the following question types:

  • Opinion scale
  • Multiple choice
  • Either-or
  • Rating scale
  • eNPS.

The "Not applicable" option is not available for open response questions.  
This article will explain how to 

Add "Not Applicable" as an Option 

Step 1: Add a question and click Question Settings


Step 2: Check the box to Include "Not Applicable" as an option.


Step 3: (optional) Edit the text that will appear for the "Not Applicable" option in the survey. 


Preview the "Not Applicable" Option

In the preview of the survey, you will see the custom "Not Applicable" option. 

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