Enable Character Limit and/or Character Minimum for Open Response Question

Open response questions allow employees to give open-ended, written feedback. Organizations may want to set a character limit for an open response question to ensure the written feedback from employees is concise and streamlined. This article will explain how to

Enable Character Limit and/or Character Minimum

Step 1:  Add Open Response question 

Step 2: Click on Question Settings


Step 3: Check Impose character limits for comments

Step 4: Set maximum number of characters, minimum number of characters, or both

Step 5: Save and collapse the question



View Open Response Question Survey Taker Experience

To view the open response question click on the Preview link 

If a character minimum is set then the employee will not be able to move forward in the survey until their response meets the minimum number of characters. 

The maximum number of characters is indicated by the character counter in the right hand corner of the text box. 

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