Bulk Upload Users (Managers)

Organizations often have many employees that they'd like to have access to the CultureIQ Platform.  These employees generally can be grouped into 'Roles' with each role having a specific set of permissions.  For example, an "HR Business Partner" may have access to a larger dataset, and more on-screen reporting capabilities than a typical "Manager."  With the Bulk Upload feature, once you've created your "Roles" you can easily upload and assign users to these roles in mass.

To begin, head over to the "Managers" tab of the "Employees" page and click on the "+ Add Manager" button.  In the screen that pops up you'll see two options, choose the option to "Bulk Upload Managers with Roles."

On the next screen you'll see a set of instructions detailing the format of the bulk upload file as well as a few buttons at the bottom of the window:

  • Download template
    • This button will give you the import template file to be used when uploading your users.
  • Get All User Roles
    • This button will give you a file containing the names of all User Roles that have been created in the system.
  • Proceed to upload file
    • Once you've added your user to the template file, click this button to proceed with the upload.
    • NOTE:  The "Is Active" field must be set to TRUE in order for the managers to appear on the screen.  

After you click the "Proceed to upload file" button you'll be taken to a screen where you can select your template file.  After this is done a screen will appear with two options:

  • Tell Me If This File is Ok
    • This button will review your file and let you know if there are any errors.
    • NOTE:  Status messages can be seen by clicking the "Notifications" (bell icon) in the top right of your screen.
  • Do The Real Upload, I'm Ready
    • This button will proceed with the import and user creation.

NOTE:  It may take a short while to create the new users.  If they don't immediately appear, give it a minute or two and refresh the page.


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