Create Custom Opinion Scales

CultureIQ enables organizations to create custom surveys tailored to each client's needs. Creating custom opinion scales and answer options is one way the CultureIQ platform provides flexible survey building capabilities to clients. This article will cover how to

Create a Custom Opinion Scale

Step 1: Click on Settings in the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of your account

Step 2: Click on Add New Opinion Scale 

Step 3: Name the new scale (this is the title that will appear in the survey builder dropdown)

Step 4: Select a range using the drop down

Step 5: Move the slider to adjust which answer options you wish to count as unfavorable, neutral, and favorable in the results. Label your answer options in text boxes below each answer choice. 

Note, in the results, scores are calculated by % favorable for opinion scale questions. Check the "Reverse Scoring" box to flip the scale. "Reverse Scoring" indicates that the favorable answer options will begin on the left.

 Step 6: Toggle the Available in Survey Builder button to ON to enable the custom scale to appear in the survey builder. Click save.  

The new custom scale will appear in the list of available scales under settings. 


Add the Custom Opinion Scale to a Survey Draft

Once you created your custom opinion scale, you can add a question with the custom scale in the survey builder. 

Step 1: Click on Add Question and select Opinion Scale 

Step 2: Enter the question text

Step 3: Change the scale by using the drop down

Note, for scales with more than six answer options, only the first and last answer option text will be displayed. To view the answer option text, hover over the answer option. 


View the Custom Opinion Scale in a Preview Link 

Step 1: Click the Preview link to see your custom opinion scale

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