Create and Assign Manager Roles

Manager portal roles allow CultureIQ admins to create specific permission profiles. Admins can then assign a manager to a role so that the manager has access to the appropriate permissions. Creating manager roles is useful when many individuals in the organization should have the same type of permissions. Instead of building permissions for each individual, admin users can create roles and assign managers to a specific role. 

The article will cover how to:

Create Manager Roles

Navigate to employees tab, click on Permissions tab. 


+New Role, enter name and click Create


Set Core Permissions (optional)

Core permissions are optional. Select whether or not users with this role should be able to:

  • Create and edit other manager users
  • Create and send surveys
  • Upload and edit employees 


Set Data Filters 

Data filters determine which surveys a user with this role will have access to view. There are two types of permissions: company wide data filters and survey specific data filters.  

Company Wide Filters: a user with access to a company wide filter will be able to see all survey results for a particular employee population based on the most recent employee file uploaded to the system.

For example, if we set a user to have company wide filter Country: United Kingdom, then the user will be able to see the United Kingdom results for all surveys. If a survey was sent at the company level to just the United States, this user would not have access to results for the United States survey. 


Survey Specific Filters: a user with access to survey specific features, can have access to all results for a specific survey or restricted access to a specific group within a particular survey. 

For example, we can set a user to see all results for the "Peak 2018 Annual Engagement Survey" and only see results for Function: Operations in the "Onboarding Jul 2018" survey.





Set Survey Results Permissions

Survey results permissions enable the tabs that users with this role should have access to view. 


Assign Manager Roles 

Once your roles and managers are created in the CultureIQ platform, you can assign specific managers to the correct role. 

To do this, click into the manager's card on the Manager tab. 


Select the appropriate role for this manager. The permissions for the manager will automatically update based on the permissions set at the role level. 


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