Bulk Tagging Comments

The Bulk Tagging feature provides a quick an easy way to tag all of the comments shown on screen at once.  This comes in handy when you are applying filters to the comments or searching for a specific words or phrases. 

To view general information on comment tagging, see the Comment Tagging article. 

NOTE:  In the example below we'll be tagging all comments that contain the word "communication".

Step 1:  Find the comments you wish to tag by applying filters and/or searching for specific word(s) or phrases.  Once you're happy with your results, click the "Tag All" button at the top-right of the comments list:


Step 2:  In the modal that appears click the "+" button to enter the name of the tag you want to apply and hit 'enter.'  The tag will be added to all of the comments.  Click anywhere outside of the modal to close it.



Removing Tags in Bulk

To remove tags in bulk simply click on the "Tag All" button and remove the tag(s) by clicking the small 'x' button next to the tag name:


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