Assigning Manager Permissions for a Manager Hierarchy

Managers can be assigned data permissions for survey results for a particular hierarchy group (node) or multiple hierarchy groups.  

To give a Manager access to survey results data for specific hierarchy groups follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Browse to the "Managers" tab of the "Employees" page and click on a Manger or click the button to "+ Add Manager".


Step 2:  On the Manager Details page click the 'Add Filters' button under the 'Company Wide Filters' section to open a modal where you can assign access to the hierarchy groups. This will give the manager access to all surveys in which their assigned hierarchy groups are included.

NOTE:  You can assign permissions at the "Company Wide" level or choose to assign permissions for only specific surveys by click the 'Add Filters' button under the "Survey Specific Filters" section.


Step 3:  Select the Hierarchy from the list of categories and then select the hierarchy groups that the manager should have access to.  The summary box on the right of the modal will show you all groups selected as well as the total number of employees in those groups. 

Once you've selected your groups Click the 'Select Groups' button.


Step 4:  You'll be returned to the Manager Details screen with the Filters section updated to reflect your hierarchy group selections in the previous step.  You'll notice that the 'Survey Specific Filters' are automatically updated showing you a list of surveys in which the assigned hierarchy groups are available.

Verify your selections and click one of the 'Save' options at the bottom of the screen.



To edit the permissions, simply click on one of the 'Edit Filter' options again and adjust your permissions in the Filters modal that appears.

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