September Release Notes

The following key new features are available as of September 6, 2018:  


Question, Demographic, and Authentication-Based Question Branching Logic | The platform has been enhanced to provide you with new ways to branch survey questions so you can build a more targeted, tailored survey experience for survey takers, displaying only the questions you want each survey taker to see.  Survey authors can now show questions based on the employee demographic segment of the survey taker, based on responses to prior questions, and based on if a survey participant is using an anonymous open link or is uniquely identified by the platform.

To access the conditions to show or hide a question, navigate to “Question Settings” and under “Show Questions” select “Based on Conditions.” There you will find an intuitive interface to build the logic to ensure that respondents see the questions specific to them.

This functionality is highly robust, giving you a great deal of control over branching. To learn more about the powerful new capabilities for each type of survey logic, please refer to the CultureIQ online user guide article on logic here:



New Location for Question Settings | Question settings options that were visible immediately below the question scale or response options have now been moved to their own window found when selecting “Question Settings” button in the top right. This enhancement allows for a cleaner and more intuitive user interface while allowing for the addition of more question settings, such as conditional branching logic described above. 


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