August Release Notes

The following key new features are available as of August 9, 2018:  


Customized Login Credentials on Open Link Surveys |A new method for survey takers to log in has been added to the platform to allow even more flexibility in how employees access the survey. This method helps support organizations that have survey takers who do not have a company email address or will be accessing the survey using a shared terminal or kiosk. Survey takers follow a common URL and are given individualized access through a unique login to take the survey – providing a way to link their survey responses to their pre-coded demographics.

The unique login is often referred to as a personal identification number (PIN), but can be any unique value uploaded with the employee file. As seen in the first screenshot below, administrators designate any field on the employee file that contains the login credentials for survey takers (e.g., employee ID, or PIN).  To maintain confidentiality and data accuracy, we recommend using a field that other survey takers would not know or could not easily guess. If required, your CultureIQ Program Manager can randomly generate unique files for you to include in the upload file. The second screenshot shows an example of what the authentication page can look like for a survey taker with text prompting for the authentication that can be customized for each survey.


Multiple Qualities/Categories for Each Question | Questions can now be assigned to multiple qualities (also called categories) and will display in reporting under each of the qualities they are aligned to. The scores for these categories will be displayed as a weighted average. If you are interested in customizing the category assignments for questions on your survey, please speak with your CultureIQ Program Manager to configure them.


Fully Custom Email Text | Many customers have expressed interest in customizing the text of the email that goes to survey participants. CultureIQ Program Managers can now more quickly provide fully custom email text for survey projects.


Import Survey Language Translations | CultureIQ Staff can now import survey language translations in bulk.  Simply download the template, insert the translations, and upload.




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