Edit Hierarchy

Often times an employee file will have errors in the hierarchy, or organizations will want to customize the hierarchy in anticipation of creating the right data views for managers. This is possible through various options to edit the hierarchy.

Those options include the following: 


Move Employees

To move employees you need to enter "Move" mode of the Hierarchy Navigator.  To do so, click on the "Move" icon of the Hierarchy menu.  Once you enter Move mode your source and destination hierarchy trees will appear side-by-side with the source tree on the left and the destination on the right. You'll also notice that checkboxes now appear in the source hierarchy tree and radio buttons in the destination.  You can browse and search both hierarchies independently the same way you would outside of move mode.  



Add Employees or Open Nodes

To add employees or open nodes you need to enter "Add Employees" mode of the Hierarchy Navigator.  To do so, click on the "Add Employees" icon of the Hierarchy menu.  Once you enter Add mode a radio button will appear next to employees in Hierarchy Navigator and the right panel will change to provide options for adding an employee.

You can decide where the new employee or open position will sit in the hierarchy by selecting the parent location in the left panel.  Once you've decided the new employee or open position location, you can enter the details in the right panel.


Delete Employees

To delete employees from a hierarchy, select the red "Delete Employees" icon in the Hierarchy Navigator. You may then select the employee(s) that you would like to delete. If you select to delete a manager, the system will prompt you to select how to handle the employee and their direct reports (if they have them). An employee can be removed only from the hierarchy structure, or from the employee directory completely. And you can select to reassign direct reports to another employee, delete all, or replace this employee with an open position and keep all direct reports under that new open position. Hierarchy_-_Delete.PNG

If you select to reassign the children, another hierarchy navigator will open to select the employee in the organization to reassign the children under. 

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