Input Tenure as a Demographic Category

To set tenure range as a demographic cut of data, include hire date as a demographic category in your employee spreadsheet. CultureIQ will calculate tenure ranges based on hire date. Make sure to input tenure ranges before uploading your spreadsheet.

Inputting desired tenure ranges

To set the desired tenure ranges (i.e. <1 year, 1-3 years, 3-5 years, 5+ years) click on the Employees tab to view your employee manager. Then, follow these three steps:


Step 1: Click on “Tenure”

Step 2: Click + Add Tenure Range and input your first tenure range breakpoint.

For example, if you want your first tenure range group to be < 1 year, click + Add Tenure Range and then type in 1 Years. If you want the second tenure range group to be 1-3 years, click +Add Tenure Range and type in 3 Years. You will see the tenure ranges listed below.

Step 3: When you’ve added your desired ranges, click Save

Selecting tenure ranges must be completed before uploading your employee file. Once you’ve saved your tenure ranges, the next step is to upload your employee spreadsheet that includes a column with the employee starts dates. When you upload the spreadsheet, you will have to option to select “start date.” Our system will be able to calculate tenure ranges only if you input the employee start dates on the employee spreadsheet.


Selecting start date when uploading the employee spreadsheet

In order for our system to calculate tenure ranges based on start date, you must upload employee start date as a column on your employee spreadsheet. Please find an example of an employee spreadsheet below:

To upload your file, click on Upload new list or Append to list. To ensure that our system uses the correct date to calculate tenure range groups, make sure you select the start date column when the system asks you to select start date.


Once the employee file (with start dates) is in our system, you can make changes to the desired tenure ranges on the tenure tab until you send your survey. The tenure ranges cannot be changed for a specific survey once it is live. 

What will tenure range results look like?

Each tenure range group will appear as a filtering option as long as the group has at least 5 responses to the survey.

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