Survey Results View: Questions

In the question section of the survey results, you will see the survey questions and brief breakdown of the responses.



When you click into a CultureIQ question you will see the quality score, the percentage of responses, and the comments for that quality question. Filter the comments by checking the box to the left of the desired response. The top 15 frequent words will also appear on the left. Click on a frequent word to see comments that contain that word. 



Score by Group will show the breakdown of the question score by demographic group. 


You can also click into a question for a non-CultureIQ survey. You will not see a CultureIQ Score, but you will see the breakdown of responses and comments for that question.



For all surveys you can hover over the arrow to the left of the screen to navigate to different questions within that survey. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move through questions within a survey.


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