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One of the most important aspects of any survey program is sharing the results of the survey. One of the ways CultureIQ makes this easy, is to allow organizations to quickly create and distribute Static Reports that can be shared with executives, managers, or other interested stakeholders. The static reports are unique because they also allow the administrators to build a report that does not allow filters or comparison groups to be changed so they can specifically target the view and message of that report to the intended stakeholder group. 

 Below you will see the two ways to create reports and the contents of the reports.

Learn how to add multiple comparisons to your report here

Create a Single Report

First, click into the closed survey. Then, click into the Reporting tab. Click Create Report and then follow the prompts to create one or multiple report links. 


Click to add a filter to your report link. In the example below, we are creating a report link with the HR department's New York results.

Choose a comparison filter that will appear in Filter B in the report link. In this example, we are creating a report that compares HR in New York to the overall organization's survey results. 

Select whether or not you want to include comments in your report. Comments will be displayed based on Filter A in your report link.

Note: comments will only populate in a report if the demographic filters applied were selected as comment demographic categories.

Once you are finished with your selections, click Create Report. 


To view the report, click Go To Report List. You will need to refresh your page to see the report show up under List of Reports. 


To view the report, click into the report card or click on the icon to generate the report link URL. 

To send the report link directly to a manager in your organization, click the envelope icon and type in the individual's email address. 

The report can be access by anyone who navigates to the specific report URL. 


Create Multiple Reports

If you want to create reports in bulk based on a demographic category (i.e one report for each location) you can choose to create multiple reports. Creating multiple reports will save time and allow you to generate a number of different reports with a few clicks. To create more than one report, click 'Multiple Reports' on the 'Create Report' tab. Then choose the category for which you want to generate multiple report links.

You have the option to add a sub-filter. A sub-filter is an additional filter that will be applied to all of the created reports. In the example below, we added the HR filter. Our reports will show the results for the HR department in the given location. 

Choose whether or not you want to include a comparison in your reports.

Choose whether or not you want to include comments. 

At the bottom of the page you can review all of the reports that will be created. To generate the reports click Create Reports. 


Static Report Content

The static reports look very similar to the rest of the survey reporting section as they include almost all of the same tabs, including the Overview dashboard, Response Rates, Questions (including Question and Favorability views), and Score Grid. The What Matters and Drivers analysis tabs are not yet available on Static Reports. 

*Note: Only reports generated after November 1, 2018 will include the Overview, Response Rate, and Score Grid tabs, and have other languages available. All reports created before that date will contain only the Questions view and only in English. 



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