Understanding Your Dashboard

Once your survey is live and you have at least 8 responses, you’ll be able to view your results in real time. They’ll update in batches of a few responses at a time to preserve anonymity.

On the dashboard you will see:

The number of responses for your most recent CultureIQ Assessment


You will see your most recent CultureIQ Score, Employee Net Promoter Score, and Overall Sentiment.



On your dashboard you will also see any live surveys, your Culture Quality Scores, and Benchmarks from our data set.



When you click on the Culture Qualities tab, you will be able to see the most updated results for each quality.  

To compare your results to our benchmark data you can click on the Benchmark tab. You can view this data in a number of ways. You can sort the list from highest to lowest for any column by clicking on the arrows next heading.







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