Create Your Employee File

You employee file should include:

  • A header row
  • Employee emails or phone numbers
  • Employee demographic information

The file should be formatted as a CSV, XLS or XLSX. 

Below is an example employee file:



If you have all of this information in an HRIS, export the file and upload the information without editing or changing the spreadsheet.

When creating your spreadsheet there are a few important things to note:

  • The spreadsheet must include a header row
  • Demographic groups should have more than five members. If there are less than five employees in a group (i.e sales and NYC in the example above), you will not be able to see filtered results for that group.
  • If an employee is listed with an email and phone number, our system will send the employee an email by default. If you would like to send the survey by text instead of email, leave the email filed blank for that employee. 

If you don’t want to segment your results, or you want to use demographic questions instead of uploading employees’ demographic info, your spreadsheet does not need to include demographic information. 



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