Select Survey Recipients

Select who to send the survey to on the Recipients page of the survey builder.

Default: All Recipients

  • The survey will send to the entire employee list in the Employees tab at the scheduled send time.

Select Groups

  • The survey will be sent to specific groups based on the demographic categories you provided in your spreadsheet.

Custom List

  • The survey will be sent to the list of employees entered in the filed. Note:make sure you have one email address per line

No Recipients

  • The survey will not be sent to anyone through our system. Instead, the admin will receive an email with a terminal link, which can be shared within the organization. You can send the link to anyone in the organization or set up the link on a shared computer. Anyone with access to the terminal link can take the survey. Use cases for terminal links include:
    • Employees do not have company email addresses
    • The company wants to send a survey from an internal email address. Companies that want to send surveys directly to employees without using the CultureIQ system, can send each employee a shared terminal link. 
    • Desire to post the survey link on the company intranet site




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