Build a Culture Program

CultureIQ is much more than a once-a-year survey tool. This guide will help you develop a comprehensive culture management program using CultureIQ. The specifics will depend on your company and your culture – these are just some general principles and cadences that we’ve seen work well. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager. 

CultureIQ Assessment

We usually recommend starting with the full CultureIQ Assessment. This will give you an overview of your culture and some benchmarked data, but also has enough detail to give you actionable feedback. 

After the culture assessment, many companies discuss the results with their executive teams, HR departments, or a cross-functional Culture Committee. These discussions can be incredibly helpful in figuring out how to use the learnings from the survey to start strengthening your culture.

 Follow-Up Survey

As you review the results from your culture survey, there will likely be a few results that jump out at you, and you may want to gather more insights into those qualities next. You can send a short custom survey to better understand what aspect of that quality needs more work, and get employees’ ideas for strengthening that quality.

We recommend looking at your survey results, comments, and organizational processes to come up with follow-up survey questions. If your survey shows that employees want better ways to communicate between teams, for example, you might send a follow-up survey:

  • Outlining the ways you currently communicate between teams and asking employees how effective they are
  • Proposing new ways to communicate between teams, and asking employees to pick ones they think will work best
  • Asking employees to submit ideas to improve communication between teams

These are all great ways to get buy-in from employees on new programs and initiatives, and show that their feedback is important. 

Pulse Surveys

Once you’ve used the results of your follow-up survey to find out as much as you can about your culture’s pain points and implement some new programs or next steps, you’ll probably want to know if initiatives are working.

Pulse surveys are an easy, lightweight tool used to get a snapshot of your culture at a given point in time. You can ask employees what they think of a new initiative, find out whether they’ve seen improvement since the last survey, remeasure their ratings of the quality you’re working to improve, vote for a potential initiative or program, or any number of other options.

 Ongoing Measurement

This process of getting more information, making changes, and measuring success can be repeated across various aspects of your culture. If your culture survey highlights an issue, you can use additional surveys to help you zoom in on the problem, come up with some potential solutions, get employees invested in the solutions, and remeasure once you’ve had a chance to make changes based on your findings.

We recommend repeating the CultureIQ Assessment on a regular basis, at least once a year. As you deepen your understanding of your culture and make improvements to it, you’ll want to see how far you’ve come, and get an updated picture of your overall culture. Getting new results from time to time will give you a more accurate picture of your culture’s current strengths and weaknesses, so you can adjust your efforts accordingly.


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