Strategic Culture Questions

The strategic culture questions on your CultureIQ survey assess a set of behaviors that align with your target organizational strategy and are evaluated along a subjective spectrum. There are no universally right or wrong answers to these – they give you insight into how employees view certain traits of your company.



The results to these questions can give you a sense of how well your existing culture matches the targeted culture for your organization. Unlike the 10 qualities of high-performance cultures on which the first part of the CultureIQ survey is based, which are shown by research to be common to high-performance companies of all different sizes and industries, the strategic culture attributes your company strives for may differ significantly from other companies.

For example, if your company is a nuclear power plant, it may be very important that employees follow pre-set processes to do their work, but if you’re a marketing agency, flexibility may be more desirable. A strategic culture attribute that is an essential part of your company’s culture may be strongly discouraged at another company.

For these reasons, the strategic culture questions are not benchmarked.

You may want to figure out internally where you want your culture to fall on these spectrums before sending the survey. Does your company see itself as more or less risk-taking? Does your company want to communicate more diplomatically or more directly?

If you have a sense of your company’s desired strategic culture traits, it will make it easier to evaluate your results for these questions when you see them.

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