Employee Net Promoter Score

Your eNPS is based on the question “How likely are you to recommend Company X as a place to work?”. The score is measured by taking the percentage of “Promoters” and subtracting the percentage of “Detractors.” “Passives” do not contribute to your score.

  • Promotes answered 9 or 10
  • Passives answered 6-8
  • Detractors answered between 0-5

It’s very difficult to achieve a high eNPS. Any positive number is pretty good.

An eNPS score alone can’t tell you how to improve your culture – it’s most useful as a benchmark of general sentiment to monitor over time. For a well-rounded culture analysis, we recommend combining broad metrics, like this one, with more specific insights, like the 11 optional follow-up questions and 7 strategic culture questions in our CultureIQ Assessment.

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