Anonymity, Demographic Filters, and Comments

We spend a lot of time thinking about anonymity at CultureIQ. We want employees to feel comfortable sharing their honest, meaningful feedback, because we believe this is how you will gain insightful information to strengthen your culture. Therefore, we are committed to doing everything in our power to protect the anonymity of survey takers.

To that end, if your survey has more than one demographic category or question (e.g. location, department, tenure), CultureIQ enables you to view filtered comments by select demographic categories. All comments appear in the unfiltered view of the data, and numerical data appears in all filtered views. Please note, comments are not viewable by demographic categories while your survey is open. Due to confidentiality, this is a feature only available after your survey closes.

Comment Demographic Category

You can choose a demographic category for which you can view filtered comments. For example, if you choose department as your comment category, you will be able to see the comments and numerical responses in an unfiltered view, and when filtering by department for that particular survey. When you filter by any other demographic category, you will only be able to see the numerical responses.

Comments will not be displayed in any filtered view until you notify your Program Manager of your chosen comment category for that survey. You can’t change your comment category for that particular survey after it’s chosen, so we recommend waiting until the survey closes to choose your comment category. This way, you can use the numerical responses to inform your decision of what demographic category will be the most insightful.

If you wish to enable multiple demographic categories, our system will hide comments from the "identifiable" survey takers when filtering. 

Why do we hide these comments?

There are instances where an employee can be identified through their comments because of their demographic assignments. For example, if Carol is the only person in the sales department located in Los Angeles, someone viewing the results might notice a particular comment that shows up in both the Los Angeles filter and the Sales filter. By process of elimination, this comment must belong to Carol.

If you wish to enable Location and Department as your comment demographic categories, our system will suppress Carol's comment when filters are applied. 

While we believe that no one is intentionally looking to identify individuals this way, we want to take every step possible to prevent it from accidentally happening.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your Program Manager or



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    Liberty Paramo

    It would be helpful if you provide instruction on how to set up a Master Category. 

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    Hi Liberty - thank you for your feedback! Master categories need to be set internally by your account manager. Please reach out to your account manager for help.   

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