Anonymity Policy

How We Protect Your Anonymity

We are dedicated to making CultureIQ a safe and comfortable experience for all users. Our goal is to enable employees to provide meaningful and honest feedback to strengthen their culture. To that end, we do everything in our power to respect employee anonymity.

Here are some steps we take to protect employee anonymity:

  • We never isolate the results of an individual. Employee responses are displayed with the rest of the group’s responses.
  • We never display fewer than five new responses at a time, both when showing results as a whole and when filtering by demographic.
  • All surveys are taken over a secure connection.

Your employer might choose to use demographic information to gain more helpful insight. This demographic information is either provided by your employer or gathered through survey questions. Your employer will be able to filter the survey results by this demographic information, provided there are at least 5 responses.

There might be instances where an administrative user can infer who has and who has not taken the survey. Please note that we have no control over if employees reveal their identity through a comment.

Email Management

Administrative users have control over email management. They are able to know which employees received an email and which ones did not. CultureIQ will notify administrative users of any issues with email delivery.

Sensitive Comments

Our software is not intended for employees to communicate legal or sensitive complaints to their Human Resources department.

You can read our privacy policy for more information. Please contact the CultureIQ team if you have questions.

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