Boost Response Rates

The average response rate for CultureIQ surveys is about 70%.

Your response rate will depend on a number of factors, but here are a few best practices that can help you achieve strong participation.

  • Communicate the survey launch to employees.If you have a company-wide meeting, a newsletter, or some other way that you share important information, mention your survey. Check out a sample message to employees here
  • Obtain Management Buy-In and Support. Ensuring that your survey is successful starts with your leadership team. When employees see that their leadership team is committed to harnessing their feedback to drive change, they are more likely to share their feedback.
  • Make the survey relevant.  Pay attention to survey design and measure things that truly matter so all will have a vested interest and want their voice to be heard.
  • Assure Participants of Confidentiality. A perceived lack of confidentiality will inhibit employees’ willingness to participate in the survey process. Communicate the confidentiality of the process and vigorously safeguard these provisions.
  • Meet employees where they are. If a lot of your team doesn’t have a company email addresses, we can send surveys to personal email addresses. We can also text surveys to your employees or send you a survey link to set up on a shared computer.
  • Schedule the Survey for a Convenient Time. Carefully consider when the survey will be launched and how long the survey will be open. Avoid conducting surveys during common holiday or vacation times, fiscal year turnovers, and peak periods of business.
  • Track Response Rates Throughout the Process. Monitor response rates during administration in a way that appropriately encourages participation. If this step is handled inappropriately, organizations risk making employees question the confidentiality of the process or feel pressured to respond – or worse, to respond in particular ways that don’t reflect their true views.
  • Use survey results to drive change.  A track record of positive change in response to survey feedback can help to drive response rates on future surveys. Recognize and celebrate the impact of change initiatives, linking them back to the survey. 
  • Incentivize employees. Your employees are busy and may not want to take time out of their day to give feedback. Emphasize the importance of the survey and provide time during the day for employees to participate. Encourage employees by sharing response rates for different groups. Give a small prize (pizza party, additional day of PTO, etc.) to the team with the highest response rate. 

If at the end of your survey window, the response rate isn’t where you’d like it to be, your Program Manager can extend your survey for you to give more people a chance to respond.

For more information on how to boost response rates, download our e-Guide: 

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