Reach Employees Without Company Emails

CultureIQ has a number of ways to reach employees who don’t have a company email address. You and your Program Manager can work together to figure out the methods that work best for your company.

Personal Emails

If your employees don’t have a company email, a personal email works just as well. You can upload a combination of company and personal emails in the employee file.

Shared Terminal Links

If you have shared computers available for your employees, or are able to set a tablet in an easily accessible location, we can provide you with a survey link to set up on those shared computers. Employees can take the survey on the shared computers at a time that’s convenient for them.

Text Message

We can also text the survey link to your employees, so they can take the survey on their smartphones. To do this, just add a column to your employee spreadsheet with cellphone numbers for any employees who don’t have emails. Please noteL if both an email address and a phone number are listed for the same employee, our system will send the survey to the email address.


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