Edit Survey Questions

In the survey builder, click on the question you wish to edit. 

The 11 core culture questions, which contribute to your CultureIQ score, cannot be edited or removed. Core questions are comprised of a short definition of the core quality and then a rating scale question. Neither the question nor scale can be edited.

Below you can see a core question, that cannot be changed. The  follow up question (question 2) can be customized.



 On some surveys, questions are organized into sections. You can create new sections by clicking + ADD SECTION, or delete sections by deleting all the questions in them.

 To add a question within a section, click + ADD QUESTION at the bottom right of that section. To delete a question, click the red x on the right of the question.

You can make questions required by clicking the Required checkbox below the question text.



To reorder questions within a section, click on the question and drag and drop it in the desired place. To reorder sections, click on the up-and-down arrows icon in the upper right of the section heading. Clicking this will take you to a condensed view of all the sections in your survey, and you can drag and drop them using the + icons. Then drag and drop them using the + icon on the right.


When you’re done, click “Return to question editor” in the upper right.

Survey drafts save automatically. When you're happy with your questions, click Next to move on to the next step in setting up your survey.


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