The CultureIQ Assessment

The CultureIQ Assessment measures qualities common to high-performance cultures to determine your CultureIQ score.

The CultureIQ Assessment is comprised of:

  • 1​0 core questions measuring qualities common to high-performance companies (required)
  • 1​1 follow-up questions ​for deeper insight (suggested)
  • An employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) question (required)
  • Eight strategic culture questions ​that assess subjective qualities specific to your organization (suggested)

 The survey is lightweight and engaging for employees, as well as comprehensive and insightful. It is designed to encourage honest employee feedback and comments.

The CultureIQ Assessment usually takes employees about 15 minutes to complete.

Other than the 11 required questions, the CultureIQ Assessment is relatively flexible. You can change or remove the follow-up questions and strategic culture questions or add new ones altogether – it’s up to you!

We recommend starting with the CultureIQ Assessment, because it gives you a comprehensive overview of your existing culture and can help you identify particular strengths and weaknesses. Read more about developing a comprehensive culture management plan here.


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