Comment Tagging

Comment tags can help you digest a large number of comments. Adding tags allows you to group similar comments together making it easier to understand themes in your results. You can also choose to only show certain tags when creating manager static reports to focus managers on a particular topic.

There are several steps to creating comment tags: 


Access Comments

First, to access comments, click into the survey and into the question for which you want to see comments. 





Select Global or Private Tags

Next, scroll down to the comment section and choose your tag mode: Global or Private.

Global tags will be seen by anyone who has access to your company’s CultureIQ account.

Private tags will only be seen by the creator of the tag. Private tags will not be seen by other admins or managers.



Tag Individual Comments

To tag an individual comment, click on the tag icon under that comment. Then create your custom tag and click the checkmark to save the tag.



You can add as many tags to a comment as you like.


As you move through the comments, you'll see your recently used tags and can quickly tag comments by clicking the number on your keyboard that corresponds to the comment tag. 



Tag Comments in Bulk

You can also tag many comments at a time by selecting "Tag All" next to the search box. This is particularly useful after searching for comments with a key word, or several similar words and you want to capture the resulting list of comments under a specific tag. 

To see more information about Tagging Comments in Bulk, see the related article.



Filter Comments Using Tags

Once you’ve saved the tags, they will appear on the left hand side of the screen.


Select the comment tag to view only comments with the chosen tag.



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