Run a Driver Analysis Using CultureIQ

Step 1: Navigate to your survey and click on Driver Analysis 



Step 2A: We recommend running our Default Analysis, which will select eNPS as the outcome metric and all of the qualities as the potential drivers. If you choose Default Analysis it will take you directly to step 4.  



Step 2B: If you would like to run an analysis with a different outcome metric, select the corresponding survey question and click “Next”.

Pro Tip: An instance in which you may want to run an analysis with a different outcome metric would be if you had another engagement statement and were interested in what was driving employee responses to that question. An example of another engagement statement would be "I am proud to work at Acme."



Step 3: Select potential drivers that you would like to include in the driver analysis. For our Core CultureIQ Surveys, we suggest selecting all of the core qualities to begin, which you can easily select by choosing Select Core Qualities.



Step 3B: If you would like to include additional questions separate from the core qualities you can also Select All Questions or manually select items you would like to include. 

Then click Run Analysis



Pro tip:

  • Multivariable regression is the default and looks at a combination of independent variables such as our and how each quality is correlated with an outcome metric.
  • Univariate regression will be applied only if the variability in your outcome metric is not well explained by a combination of independent variables (often occurs with small survey populations).


Here is what the axes represent:

  • Y-axis - Opportunity - Distance from the benchmark score
  • X-axis - Importance - The multivariable or univariate coefficient depending on the analysis type. The further to the right, the more impact or correlation the driver has with the outcome metric. 

Click here to learn how you can interpret the results.

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