Non-Anonymous Surveys

What is a non-anonymous survey?

Non-anonymous surveys are surveys for which responses can be attributed to an individual. When sending a non-anonymous survey, employees will be notified that their responses are not anonymous. A link to our non-anonymous survey policy (anonymous surveys link to our anonymity policy) is included in CultureIQ communications to employees.  

How do I send a non-anonymous survey?

All surveys default to an anonymous survey setting. To send a non-anonymous survey, uncheck the box in the top left corner of the survey builder. 


Then follow the steps to build your survey. 

Note, if you would like to send a non-anonymous survey using a shared link please reach out to your Account Manager. 

How do non-anonymous survey results appear in CultureIQ?

If you send a non-anonymous survey, you will be able to see how each individual responded to the survey on the Employees Surveyed tab. You will also be able to filter your results by any group, regardless of if there are >5 responses for the group.  





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